Thanksgiving Meals in Exile – at The Kid’s Table

Here we are at Thanksgiving again! Where did the year go? As you circle up around your table take a minute to look at each face and be thankful – not just for good food and dessert, but for each person; for who they are; for what they really mean to you – and be more thankful still!

It Was On My Mind

The "Kid's Table" The “Kid’s Table”

You may know the feeling. The adults are in the dining room with lots of great food, good stories and continuous and particularly loud laughter. My father has awakened from his mid-morning nap in front of the Macy’s Parade on our TV and is in his place at the head of the table. Mom has worked all morning and yelled instructions at me and my sister in “that voice” since the moment we crawled out of bed. Here I sit at the kitchen table (or worse, a card table with a folding chair) listening to the laughter in the other room and wondering what I’m missing and why I’m exiled to the “kid’s table”. My favorite uncle is in there just finishing one of his jokes – probably the kind they say I wouldn’t understand. My beautiful older cousin, with the amazing smile and the long golden…

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