A Hobie Cat Christmas?

We hung this ornament again this year and, as usual, it brought back all the memories that I have with that old Hobie Cat Sailboat! Still miss her.

It Was On My Mind

Hobie Cat Hallmark

Every year we pull them out of the closet. The cardboard box is bent on the corners and a little faded now. It smells of the years of storage – a kind of rich aroma of cardboard decay. Inside the box there are a number of dividers and in each divider there is a memory. Each one is carefully wrapped and waiting for the event, an event our family looks forward to every year. We, like many families, have an ornament for every year we’ve been married. Actually ours begins with a wedding gift of a silver ornament, now tarnished a bit, with the word “JOY” in the center. After that there is one that commemorates our first Christmas together and one that commemorates the year I built our grandfather clock. There are toy soldiers for boys and a wooden train engine and a Nutcracker with a tool belt –…

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