“Stories only happen to people who can tell them.” Allan Gurganus

I have enjoyed writing for many years, although there are some English teachers in my past who would be surprised. I write about various things – sometimes stories from my life, sometimes thoughts on a subject that has inspired me. Always with the hope that what you, the reader, find here is worth reading and makes you stop and think.

Writing is cathartic for me. Sometimes it helps me think through a problem or a choice. Sometimes it’s just for fun and helps me to “get it out” and on a page. I hope you’ll find something of value here that makes you consider things from a new or different angle.ourgang

I am married to my high school sweetheart, Angie, and we have 3 grown sons, one beautiful daughter and two wonderful granddaughters and the best daughter-in-laws anyone could ask for. We all live in the beautiful mountains of western North Carolina.

I also write devotionals for a Christian newspaper called The Journey Christian News – if your interested, you can read those here: https://www.journeychristianmagazine.com/category/tim-bryant/

adjective: cathartic
1.providing psychological relief through the open expression of strong emotions; causing catharsis. “crying is a cathartic release”

9 thoughts on “About

  1. HI, Tim! I just want to share with you how God has used your writing to answer my prayers. We have a family situation that always tends to get me in the flesh something awful. It came up again very recently and I prayed for God to please show me what he would have me do, and please make it so clear to me, in a way I could not deny that it was Him….with His word. Well, the next morning, he did. Your piece How To Diffuse Anger caught my eye and as I read, I had to call to my husband and read it to him. 1 Cor. 6:7…..I am amazed and blessed and I thank you for your writing! This will truly be a challenge for me, as I am not where I want to be in my walk, yet. I feel ill equipped, but even still, I am choosing to trust in Him.
    Thank you again, I look forward to reading more from you! God bless you and yours 🙂

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    • Heather – thank you, so much, for your words of encouragement. I’m so glad that the article in The Journey Newspaper was in just the right place at just the right time for you and I’m honored that the Lord would use my words in your life. I’m posting the full article on my blog tomorrow.


  2. I thought after my lecture about patriarchal language I’d never hear from you again (chuckle).
    Thanks so much for choosing to follow our blog. I hope you enjoy the stories of our journey. I look forward to reading more of your explorations too.

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    • No problem, Alison. I welcome your input and comments and I don’t think we have to agree on everything (although I “got” your lecture and what you were saying and I agree in principal). Part of the problem with our society today is we act like we can’t be “friends” with people who don’t see the world exactly like we do. We’ve lost the ability to see both sides of an issue, study the facts and change. We’ve lost the ability to debate without “hating”. Enjoy your journey and thanks for sharing in mine by reading my posts. Tim

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      • I think it’s so sad that we’ve lost the ability to ‘debate without hating’, and of course we don’t have to agree on everything. I’m troubled by people who see the world in black and white. For me it’s all shades of grey – well very brightly coloured grey 🙂
        I’m so happy to hear you ‘got’ what I was trying to say. The language we use is pervasive, and very subtle, and rarely questioned, but oh so powerful. I guess it’s one of my little missions in life 🙂


  3. Thank you for the follow. I hope you’ll continue to find articles of interest. I post mainly about health, nutrition, writing, and have a Faith Filled Friday blog. I repost often so you can find most anything on my blog site.
    You have been truly blessed with a great family.


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